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Audrey Reynolds moved to Salt Lake City's Silicon Slopes from California's Silicon Valley.  She studied English and French at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo and worked in marketing in the commercial construction and nonprofit sectors.  Before moving to SLC, Audrey and her husband Brandon backpacked through Europe for a year and drove 9,000 miles across the USA scouting potential cities to move to.  With fantastic alpine hiking, close-knit walkable neighborhoods, and fry sauce, SLC seemed a natural fit.
Audrey joined the Paras Real Estate team in 2017.  In her free time, Audrey loves traveling (40 countries and counting), playing soccer at Liberty Park, interior design, local farmers markets, hunting through vintage furniture shops, and hanging out with her husband and cat Dexter.  Grateful for an amazing group of neighborhood friends, Audrey loves making sure that new residents are welcome.  Whether you're looking to relocate, move, or just for a great new restaurant or hike, Audrey is a great resource.



Audrey is simply the best! We could not have found our dream home in UT without her. Our primary home is out of state, and the fact that she was able to manage the entire house-buying process for us as our UT representative, agent, and advocate was amazing. We met at an open house and instantly hit it off. She is the genuinely kind and authentic person that you meet right away. Then, when you start asking her about the real estate market and recommendations, you are blown away about how knowledgeable she is about the market and more importantly, that she will be an incredibly strong advocate for you during the entire process. She is an exceptional negotiator, particularly in the most challenging situations and a wonderful partner as you strategize and outline all the pros/cons of a specific situation.

In addition, she takes the time to know you so that she can help you find and purchase the best house for you and your situation. She is patient, not pushy, and is focused on building a long-lasting relationship with you. Having gone through several real estate agents over the years, Audrey is a gem. She encourages you to ask any and every question and will get back to you in a timely manner. What has been most impressive to me is her level of dedication to her clients. Our house closed earlier this week, and she is still willing to help us manage details because she knows how hard it is to manage everything from afar. I have NEVER experienced this type of client care and follow up ever. If you are in-state or out-of-state looking for a home in UT, choose Audrey. It will be the best decision of your life.

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I recently bought my first house working with Noah Epstein and Audrey Reynolds. I can't imagine working with anyone else! They were incredibly understanding of how overwhelming and terrifying the process of buying a house was to me, and also went far far out of their way to make it as easy and stress free as possible. Noah would respond to my midnight-crazy-person texts, when I was feeling anxious about a neighborhood Audrey was there to make sure I had some first hand experience; they even helped with finding movers and, when all was said and done but I managed to activate the alarm system in the house without knowing the password to turn it off, they came to the rescue.

They also went out of their way to accommodate my somewhat-insane work schedule, sometimes driving to my office multiple times in a day so I didn't have to leave work to deal with paperwork.

I never felt pressured, I was confident in their ability to negotiate on my behalf, they both gave me honest assessments of the houses we looked at, and we landed on a house that is just perfect (and we paid comfortably below asking!). I can't recommend them enough especially if you've never done this before and if we ever decide to go through this process again I can't imagine working with anyone else.